Based on our important field experience with electron accelerators, we know what is important for our customers. We have developed upgrades in order to improve safety, reliability and efficiency of your E-beam accelerator.

MSE is proposing upgrades to :


  • Better manage and troubleshoot the accelerator by proposing a complete new control system with all the more up to date functionalities. Based on our important field experience, we know what needs to be implemented in order to speed up the troubleshooting and reduce the downtime. Constant monitoring of the critical signals allows to predict potential future failings.


  • Improve the safety of the maintenance technician by avoiding direct low and high voltage measurements. Being able to predict the future failing of the components by monitoring the important signals is a first step towards improving the efficiency of the equipment by having real time access to main Power supply cabinet signals.


  • Reduce the downtime during maintenance or unexpected failures, by keeping the most vital systems like the vacuum powered up at all time.


  • Avoid contamination of the insulation gas (SF6) by using a more efficient Gas Handling System. No more contact between pump oil and the insulation gas. The system is fully automated to avoid any human mistakes.




e-beam sterilization upgrade